It’s no mystery that a high level of usage is the best health indicator for the business of any Registry, Registrar and Hoster. Domains that are actively developed are more likely to renew and they provide positive exposure to the extension they use. They are also often associated with additional services like hosting, email and SSL that generate the bulk of the revenue for Registrars and Hosters.

It is for this reason that measuring correctly the usage of a domain is the key to understanding the true market value of a domain provider and its growth expectations. It is also a very important factor in deciding how to allocate a marketing budget.

Accurate usage analysis is one of the key benefits that a service like DomainsBot Pandalytics delivers to its customers, helping them get a better understanding of the market and make more informed decisions. In the effort to constantly improve the quality of our service, we realized that not all “developed” sites are the same and that there are important differences between domains that need to get better exposure. In particular, an important discovery we made was that domains that individually would appear “developed”, when looked at in the broader context of our entire database turned out to be copy-cats displaying the same content as many other domains. These large cohorts of copy-cat domains are often used to help boost the SEO ranking of other linked websites, and are then dropped as soon as their SEO juice runs out.

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It was obvious to us that these domains should be interpreted differently from developed websites, and that a superficial look at the numbers may generate misleading information and lead to sub-optimal business decisions. In order to address this issue correctly, we recently introduced a new filter into our domain market analysis tool Pandalyitcs: the new Web Usage status “Developed – Duplicated” will help you identify the domains that return the same identical content of other websites, rather than simply redirecting to those.

This new feature is essential to appraise the actual value of a Registrar/Hoster business portfolio, as just counting the developed domains under management is not enough anymore.

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