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Tap into the sea of information hidden behind every domain name to identify your best customers as well as interesting new prospects. And target them with the right offers to guarantee high conversion rates and returns.

Pandalytics removes all the complexity of data analysis, opening up a wealth of information you can utilize to build stronger relations with your clients, generate more revenue, and outsmart your competitors – big and small.

The knowledge you need to stay ahead of the game

As one of the most complete domain name databases in the world, Pandalytics can help you cut through the noise and surface the information you need to make better decisions.

Extensive coverage

Key data on hundreds of millions of domains in a single database

User-friendly web-interface

Simple subscription plans with generous download allowances and unlimited searches

Get results without the sweat

All the data you need at a fraction of the cost of running your own data warehouse

Be your own data scientist

Easily find out all you need to know about your market and competitors

Your eye on the market

Are you already doing BI on your own data? Pandalytics provides a full overview of the rest of your market

Custom reports & private crawls

The flexibility you need to get the results you want

Turn data into money

Simply counting domains under management or new registrations is not enough to get a full picture of the domain market.

Pandalytics gives you a more complete picture, so you can spot patterns and anomalies faster and better understand what is happening and why. Here are some ways you can use Pandalytics.

Discover how many of the domains you (or your competitor) have sold have an active website

Identify the markets and customer types where your extension is most popular to accurately target marketing efforts.

Create detailed performance reports to keep management and shareholders informed.

Find out who is using Let’s Encrypt on an e-Commerce website and upsell them to a better SSL certificate.

Evaluate a marketing campaign’s effectiveness based on the percentage of domains sold that have developed sites

Perform more accurate due diligence on prospective acquisition objects to identify how many high-value customers they have.

All the data you need in one place

Access a broad range of data points covering hundreds of millions of domains with just a couple of clicks. Filter domains according to specific criterias and make smarter choices .


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