In our work promoting our Name Suggestion and the Pandalytics service, we often come across Registry Operators, Registrars and Webhosters that say they want to be more data-driven to optimize their business.

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However, the next thing we hear is that beyond a general wish to use data more effectively, many still don’t really know what to do, or how to get started.

A common misconception is that you need a big team of data analysts and a large budget to do Business Intelligence, which is why the wish to be more data-driven ends up remaining just a wish, buried among many other tasks that seem more urgent and important (and that paradoxically could be massively improved by better leveraging data).

The reality is that the key to be successful with BI, is not how big your budget is, but rather to know what questions to ask, and to have a clear idea of how to use that information for a specific goal.

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To prove this point, we teamed up with our friends at Open-i Advisors, to share our best tips and highlight a few simple things anyone can do to use domain data more effectively.

The result is a whitepaper that you can download from here right now. We have tried to keep it simple and accessible, suggesting a few “low hanging fruit” steps that we believe would give positive results quickly, and be the starting point for a broader adoption of BI and stronger, data-driven growth.