Every customer journey starts with a domain search. That’s why it is crucial for every domain and hosting provider to make sure their customers find a great domain quickly and easily. DomainsBot Name Suggestion with Analytics will help you make sure they do.

Our new and improved Name Suggestion service now supports 11 different languages and provides relevant results across all available gTLDs, nTLDs and ccTLDs. And because we provide accurate tracking and conversion statistics to all our Partners, we are also the only ones that can safely claim that our suggestions sell. Many of our Partners have seen their registrations grow by an average of 15%, with some of the best performers often reaching 25%.

The feedback we have received so far has been extremely positive. Many domain providers are starting to look for the best ways to take advantage of the wealth of data at their disposal to better serve their customers and drive growth, and we are convinced that our Dashboard represents the fastest and easiest way for Registries, Registrars and Hosting Providers of all sizes to start exploiting the power of analytics to grow their business.

Domainsbot: helping Domain and Hosting companies live up to their full potential with predictive analytics

More broadly, we are excited to see how the domain industry is also finally warming up to the strategic value of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics.

As the requirements and goals of our Partners evolve, our advanced analytics service Pandalytics is extremely well positioned to expand the reach of the Name Suggestion Dashboard and help them gain even more detailed insights on the domain market and stay ahead of their competitors.

open-i advisors logoIn this context, we are also extremely happy and proud to have been chosen as strategic partner by Open-i Advisors.

With their expertise, the data and tools provided by DomainsBot can become an even more effective instrument for Domain Professionals eager to better understand their market and drive more and better sales.

DomainsBot Name Suggestion with Analytics

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