Is your Domain Name Suggestion GDPR-compliant?

DomainsBot treats your queries in full compliance with GDPR. We protect your users’ privacy (and your peace of mind) all the way.

Is your domain name search process scaring customers off?

57% of domain searches are for a string that is unavailable in .com.

We make it easy for your customers to find a great domain to buy.

Great results without the sweat

Integrate a single API call or install our WHMCS plugin and enjoy the benefits of a system that constantly improves itself and delivers results without you having to invest time and resources.

Full focus on your ROI

We continuosly measure, analyze and optimize so that you can make more money. Our system pushes what sells, period.

A good domain name suggestion is more than pretty words

To thrive in today’s highly competitive domain hosting industry, you need to maximize every opportunity to convert visitors into paying customers.

Helping each customer find the right domain quickly and easily is the key to ensuring all your hard work pays off. However, the customer’s first choice is often unavailable, and with thousands of new and old extensions on the market, providing an effective domain search process has become a daunting task, even for larger providers.

For many leading domain and hosting providers around the world the solution is DomainsBot’s name suggestion tool. The numbers speak for themselves: our domain name suggestions account for around 15% of our partners’ domain sales, helping unlock more upsell opportunities and driving more revenue.

The professional solution to help you make more money

Domain name suggestions that sell

Our system analyzes millions of registered domains and monitors conversion rates to determine what your customers are most likely to buy.

Quality domain name suggestions on all TLDs

Provide relevant suggestions across your entire range of gTLDs, nTLDs and ccTLDs, regardless of which Registry or Registrar you purchase them from.


A fully GDPR-compliant domain name finder

Our Name Suggestion has a clear Data Protection Policy so your customers’ data is safe and you can run your business without worrying about leaks.

The most effective name generator to sell ccTLDs

Providing more accurate suggestions for available domains with country-specific TLDs, which for most Hosters are the top-selling extensions.

Speak your customer's language

Provide domain name suggestions in 11 different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Polish.

Dashboard with detailed statistics

Monitor conversion rates, best performing TLDs and your competitive landscape to help you optimize your sales and offers.

Total control in your hands

Fine-tune your domain name suggestions and sell what you want to sell by easily boosting the TLDs of your choice.

Up and running in minutes

Integrate a single API call or install our WHMCS plugin and start selling more domains in minutes.

Successful Registrars choose DomainsBot

Take the world’s leading domain name suggestion tool for a spin…

Do you know where your queries have been?

Even domain search queries can in certain situations be considered personal data. DomainsBot is proud to offer a fully GDPR compliant solution. We have a clear Data Protection Policy that ensures that your customers’ data is safe and that you can run your business without worrying about potential leaks. Contact us today to find out more about our GDPR-compliant service.

Your eye on the domains market

Our Dashboard provides you with a unique overview of your domain search performance, showing the number of domains you have sold per thousand queries and how many of them were variations suggested by us.

By monitoring conversions, we can also show you which competitors you are leaking potential customers to, so that you can analyze their offering and improve your competitiveness.


Aggregate by Date

Monitor your performances over time or dive down on a specific month/day/period

Aggregate by TLD

Discover which extensions convert better and deliver the best value

Aggregate by Competitor

Understand who your true competitors are and which deals you are losing out to, so you can take action to gain your ground back.


We know from experience that DomainsBot suggestions are great at driving increased domain name sales. DomainsBot is a key element in providing the best domain search API in the business

Elliott Noss
President and CEO, Tucows

Blacknight has been working with DomainsBot and their technology for the last few years. Being able to understand what a client wants and offer them domain name suggestions based on their ideas is a truly powerful thing.

Michele Neylon
President and CEO, Blacknight

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