Pandalytics is a very sophisticated platform that regularly collects and organizes hundreds of millions of data points on registered domains. Our clients can then simply access exactly the data they need whenever they need it and in the way that is most convenient to them. They also know that they can always rely on the DomainsBot team to provide all the training and support they need so they can be immediately productive.

Having worked with many top Registries, Registrars, and Hosters for many years, DomainsBot knows that different tasks need different data at different times. This is why we built Pandalytics to be extremely flexible, providing multiple ways to access the data and address all the use cases in the most effective way.


1. Web-access

analytics pandalytics dashboard

The Pandalytics web-interface offers maximum flexibility with minimal effort. From here, users can quickly build detailed queries covering all registered gTLD and nTLD domains, and get the results in just a few seconds from anywhere.

This is the ideal way of accessing data quickly to create smaller reports to evaluate the ROI of a campaign, analyze the customer base of a specific Registrar or simply find the answer to questions that arise in a meeting.


2. Custom data dumps


data dump pandalyticsMany of our clients have delegated to DomainsBot the responsibility of performing full private crawls of their domains and simply receive the results as a regular database dump. This is a great way to enhance an existing internal data warehouse, complementing the transactional data received from suppliers with additional details like usage or SSL penetration for each domain.

This type of integration can be particularly useful when doing financial planning or to prepare more accurate yearly reports. Pandalytics’ very business-friendly data licensing makes this also a very interesting use case for Registries and Registrars that want to offer more detailed reporting tools to their partners and customers.


3. Data Sync

pandalytics data sync

Data Sync is our system to serve the most advanced scenarios. It expands the use case for custom data dumps, providing programmatic access to all Pandalytics data so that all updates and changes can be immediately mirrored into an internal BI system.


Flexibility, passion, and dedication to the success of our clients alongside the ability to deliver high-quality data at affordable prices are the main reasons many leading companies in the domain and hosting industry have chosen DomainsBot as a long-term trusted partner.

If you are looking for the best way to grow your domain and hosting business, get in touch. We’d love to play a small part in your success too.


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