Over the past months, DomainsBot has conducted an extensive review of its infrastructure and processes to ensure that the services we offer continue to meet the high standards that our Partners require. Thanks to this massive effort, DomainsBot today is proud to be able to offer a guarantee of full GDPR compliance to its clients.

The advent of GDPR has brought on awareness but also doubts on how customers’ data is stored, processed and shared. Beyond the issues with WHOIS, GDPR has significant consequences particularly for an industry like Domains and Hosting where fulfilling a customer’ order requires data to be regularly shared between Registries, Registrars, Resellers and other Service Providers.

GDPR Compliant Name SuggestionIn this context, it is fundamental to choose the partners we trust with our customers’ data more carefully than ever, but also to make sure that all the data that leaves our systems is handled correctly. An often overlooked piece of data from this perspective is “domain searches” which, according to several sources can, in certain situations, be considered personal data and should hence be treated as such.

This is why we have made sure that also all the data that passes through our Name Suggestion service is handled in full compliance with GDPR.

Choosing DomainsBot’s Name Suggestion not only gives you access to the best performing tool of its kind on the market today, it also ensures you can sleep well at night knowing all your customers’ data is safe.



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