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The DomainsBot Team

  • Emiliano Pasqualetti

  • Daniel Ruzzini Mejia

  • Javier Ruere

  • Massimo Ralli

  • Esteban Feldman
    Senior Developer

  • Steven Pineda
    Backend Developer

  • Manuel Pineda
    Backend Developer

  • Carlos Gonzales
    Backend Developer

  • Mariasole Pasqualetti
    Finance Assistant

Company Bio

  • 2015. DomainsBot introduces Pandalytics: big data for the domain and hosting industry.
  • 2014. DomainsBot Introduces its Domain Suggestion API for new gTLDs.
  • 2012. 1.5 M suggested domain sold
  • 2011. 1.2 M domains sold through DomainsBot Name Spinner.
  • 2011. DomainsBot Inc starts operations in San Francisco, CA.
  • 2010. DomainsBot Inc incorporates in Delaware.
  • 2008. DomainsBot provides more than domain name suggestions to registrars and after-market partners.
  • 2008. Sedo becomes minority investor in DomainsBot.
  • 2004. DomainsBot becomes a technology provider for the domain industry releasing the Semantic Engine, the innovative search engine for domain suggestions and domain search. Partnering with the most important companies in the market DomainsBot is recognized as the leader for semantic technologies applied to the domain industry.
  • 2004. DomainsBot starts working in the domain industry providing an expired and expiring domain search engine.

Our values

We’re a young company, with young personnel, who all grew up on the Internet. We are grateful to the Internet for giving us the chance to start a company with curiosity and enthusiasm as our only investment. It convinced us that we wanted to make our careers here.

We found people and companies on the Internet we could never have found without it, who to help us gave us freely their time and knowledge and experience. They convinced us that we should give too. We also found people and companies who tried to squeeze the last penny out of us in exchange for shoddy services; companies who took our registration information and converted it into masses of spam; and companies who cunningly installed programs to spy on us. They convinced that we would never treat our customers that way.

Our company is therefore dedicated to treating our customers as our collaborators, even our partners. We want to share what we’ve been able to do, in the hopes that our customers will share with us. Our system grows and improves because people use it – it learns as they teach it. Each time a synonym is edited, re-rated, or deleted, our suggestions improve. Each time they choose one suggestion over another, our suggestions improve.

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